Mission of Integrated Training on Rural and Agriculture Development

Our Vision

“Sectored focus of the MITRA Foundation is to create agriculture based livelihood opportunities and to empower the poor, particularly poor women, in rural and urban areas to take greater control of their own lives and significantly improve their standard of living by increasing their opportunities for making productive economic investments.”
The long term vision of the institution is to strive for equal rights of the women, children, and weaker sections of the society through participating in the developmental processes so as to build up uniform structure of the society that will contribute productively towards the overall development of the country.

Welcome to
MITRA Foundation

The goals of the organization are:

1. To mobilize resources in order to provide support to poor, particularly women, for viable productive and sustainable livelihood activities.
2. To improve the quality of life of the poor by providing access to financial institutions.
3. To create opportunities for self employment for the underprivileged.